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it dont works!!! :(

it seems it has start problems, i cant open this app.. but it looks nice and interesting so i hope you can fix it!!??

crashes everytime

The first thing I did in this App was changing the theme to charcoal gray. Eversince it crashes everytime I try to launch it. Just for the information I am still running Snow Leopard.

Doesnt start at all

I tried everything: reboot, reinstall, sacrificing chicken under a full moon, but the app just does not start properly. I get a light blue window for about three seconds and then it crashes. Would have liked to give it a try, but so...

almost perfect….

almost perfect… 1. misses the option to auto hide on click away. u know click finder, app dissapears. 2. ooooh man the Size of that menubar item is out of Control ! the smaller the better fix those things and i would consider this the best facebook menubar assistent, right now i have social pro, but that doesnt have tabs !! u have a big plus going with the tabs, but the first two issues need to be adressed. i give 5 stars for motivation , to fix number 1 and 2


I love this application, especially the lion support.


It sounded really good in the description, but it is really not that special. There are lots of glitches, and everytime I go to my wall/timeline, it crashes and brings me to the home screen. I tried adding another account so I can switch back and forth quickly just as they promised, and it doesnt work! The controls are laggy and it is not convienient at all.

Does what it says, but

It seems to do what it says, although it didnt log in automatically for me today. I had to reenter my username and pass… But that isnt the reason for the review. I was looking through the prefs panel and came upon the about panel, and I found out that "Jesus Loves Me." I do not appreciate my apps to be subtly, or not so subtly, preachy. There is no room for this in an app that I use. Deleted.


This app is so amazing! I use it everyday (and have for over a year) and it never crashes and its perfect for switching back and forth between Facebook accounts. There are so many apps out there that just dont work at all, and this isnt one of them! Thank you for making such a great app!

Overall Great

This app is absolutely wonderful, it works great, pulls up my Facebook in a snap and looks stunning. I recommend it, as I think it is better then those other ones, and yes I have downloaded some of those other ones that come up when you search Facebook in the app store. I use this app in combination with another one called Chatbook, I think that app is better at FB Chat then this one currently. Thus, Mybuddy for status and feed, and Chatbook for FB chat. My only caveat with this app is in the about section of the app. The developer thought it would be a good idea to put "Jesus loves you", as if everyone follows that religion or wants to see that, but I digress. Cheers.

I love this app

Simple, easy, amazing. Best full screen app for FB out there. WAY better than those taskbar only facebook watch apps. This is fast and light and has customizable font sizes which is super important, as facebook fonts are way too massive to begin with. Only complaint (please fix for next version) is that it remembers window location and size when closing. it always starts as this smallish window in the lower left corner of my screen. I have to zoom it to go full screen. I’d like it to remember window specs when closing so it saves a couple steps when starting up.


This is a spam! The app doesnt work! It doesnt even open!

not opened

After I download it I tried to open but it was even not opened like there is nothing in it :s

Good start.

This is a good start. Would give 5 stars if I didnt have to close 2 photo viewers when using Photo Viewer for Photo Theater images.



Not Worth Money

This app was not bad when it was free but it is definitely not worth the money! I downloaded it when it was free and it worked alright but then i updated it and now it is worthless. It doesnt open. PLUS they started charging for the download when you can still download other, similar apps that actually work for free. Dont waste your money on this. Oh, and the 5 star reviews are from the developers themselves - you can clearly tell by the usernames that match….

Love this app

This app allows me to use it on both of my Facebook account. This is the best!!!


Best one of all! its not heavy on the system like any other social apps :) Notifications are fast & amazing!

THX for the update

this app is the best facebook app that i ever bought… now i can even play flash games on it… Worth the MONEY

Update Still not fixed Hash mismatch, why can

Update : Still not fixed so we can update it, why not just remove it from the store if the update does not work and you have not fixed it. I cant leave 0 stars. This does not look minor to me when you hit an update and your Mac goes nuts shooting back and forth from launchpad to the store forcing me to close my Mac, there was no way to escape it. Free or not this is not cool.

Sorry for the bad review but...

I couldnt even get it to open... I wanted to like this app because it would be nice to have one that actually worked and this one sounded really good. Like I said, sorry, if there is something that I needed to know to get it to open or if you fix it Id sure give it another try. ~basil

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